My passion for interior and spatial design has grown out of a love of architecture. Fortunate to travel in my early career, I could indulge this passion and learn from a myriad of styles and trends and how these have influenced modern living.

I believe that the design of a home can influence your wellbeing – this isn’t just in the aesthetic but by optimising space, flow and function to enhance the lives of the people living in it.

Contemporary colours and tactile natural materials are a strong theme in my work and I look to nature and light to inspire and bring a calm to what can often be a busy household.

Trust me, with my husband a chef, two young sons, a cat and a dog, creating a working space to operative effectively within family life became a priority for me –  my love of garden rooms was born out of just this…my studio is my refuge and my inspiration, and after installing many more for clients it is still a favourite.